VRF System


  • Paint booth conditioning- dehumidification, air filtering, exhaust
  • Industrial exhaust- steam Jenni, driers, labs, process exhaustDuctless split systems- Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Smoke/fire damper inspections
  • Constant Volume System- most typical system, usually a package rooftop unit or split system, lowest initial cost-higher operating cost
  • Variable Volume System- usually variable air volume terminal units with hot water reheat or electric reheat, typical large office system, lower initial cost-higher operating cost
  • V.R.F (Variable Refrigeration Flow Systems) utilizes refrigerant piping instead of ducts. Extremely efficient, higher initial cost-lower operating cost, more control
  • Boiler (Hot water heating)- in-floor heating, hot water or steam systems, most comfortable

  • Kitchen System
  • Chilled water systems- process cooling, comfort cooling
  • Radiant heating- gas or electric, in-floor systems
  • Kitchen Hoods- dishwasher, cooking, pizza ovens, makeup air systems